Python PS is a Python-module that helps generating PostScript documents. The module interface is object oriented which suits the purpose well. Pages, texts and images are handled as objects which can be added to each other.

Basic layout management is handled with layout containers that can contain other objects. Containers can of course contain containers.

What can I do with Python PS?
Python PS helps generating PostScript from your Python-programs. What you can do with Python PS is much up to your imagination. Examples can be reports for economical systems, summaries of your computer systems, autogenerated magazines, books and so on.

Here is a list of current features:

  • Support for over 30 different paperformats
  • Support for all 35 standard fonts
  • EPS pictures can be added easilly
  • Container proportions can be customized
  • Text can be configured to either fill the width or use the existing newlines
  • Only Postscript-functions that are used are added to the document (many generators add the full set of functions to each document even if all aren't used)

Below are some examples of python code and the Postscript code they generate.

Download Python PS

I will write documentation for Python PS in some future.

Purp is of course released under Gnu General Public Licence (GPL).