Console facts

Type Handhelds
Year 1989
CPU Mikey (16 MHz 16 bit custom chip, 8 bit MOS 65C02 CPU, SPU, Video DMA), Suzy (16 MHz 16 bit blitter, GPU & math co proc.
Speed 3.6 MHz
ROM 512 bytes
Media cartridge
Controllers 8-way d-pad, 2x A button 2x B button, Option buttons, Power On button, Power Off button
Graphic modes 160x102
Colors 4096 palette, 16 colours per scanline
Sound 4 channel mono (Lynx II stereo), 8 bit DAC per channel
Atari Lynx

In my collection

Atari Lynx

Bought from a Tradera auction.

Atari Lynx

My sisters old Atari Lynx.

My games for Atari Lynx


About 75 games were released to this console. The pretty thin and cardlike cartridges are inserted through a slit at the left side of the machine, hidden under a plastic cover. The machine consumed too much energy to be useful on batteries. It could drain a fresh set of batteries in just 4 hours! The machine could also be turn around to be useful for left handed people, which is the reason why some buttons are duplicated. Some games were also played in portrait mode.

To address some of the problems Atari later released a smaller Lynx II.

Atari Lynx images