Console facts

Type Video games
CPU Motorola 68000 (4 MHz Zilog Z80)
Speed 12 MHz
RAM 64 KB main, 2 KB sound
ROM 128 KB
Media cartridge
Controllers Joystick 8-way, 4 buttons
Graphic modes 304 x 224
Colors 65,536 palette, 4096 on screen
Sound Yamaha YM2610, 15 channels (7 digital, 4 FM, 3 PSG, 1 noise)

In my collection


4 slot version with Jamma connection.

My games for SNK MVS


Neo-Geo is the name of a cartridge-based arcade and home video game system released in 1990 by Japanese game company SNK. The system offered comparatively colorful 2D graphics and high-quality sound. A major platform for arcade games at the time, the system was also available as a costly home console. The two versions of the system were known as the AES (Advanced Entertainment System, the home version) and the MVS (Multi Video System, the arcade version).

SNK MVS images