Sega Mega Drive II

Console facts

Type Video games
Year 1994
End year 1997
CPU Motorola 68000
Speed 7.67 MHz (NTSC), 7.61 MHz (PAL)
RAM 64 KB main, 8 KB secondary, 8 KB sound
Media cartridge
Controllers 8-way d-pad, 3 buttons + Start
Graphic modes 256x224, 320x224 (NTSC), 256x240, 320x240 (PAL)
Colors 512 palette, 64 on screen
Sound Texas Instruments SN76489, 4 channel PSG + Yamaha YM2612, 6 channel FM
Sega Mega Drive II

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Sega Mega Drive II

Sega Mega Drive II

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The Mega Drive II is basically just a re-designed Mega Drive.

The Mega Drive II was much smaller and squarer then the original Mega Drive. It did not have the headphone jack, volume control or RF TV output. The A/V port changed to a custom multi out port that now provided stereo sound to T.V's (previously only mono was output by the Mega Drive, the headphone jack had to be used for stereo sound). The power lead port was made smaller and a different AC adapter was used. Finaly the power switch was changed to a push button.

The Mega Drive launched in 1988 in Japan. Europe had to wait two whole years before they would get the machine.

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