Sega Master System II

Console facts

Type Video games
Year 1990
End year 1992
CPU Zilog Z80
Speed 3.54 MHz
ROM up to 256 KB depending on built-in software
Media cartridge
Controllers 8-way d-pad, 2 buttons
Graphic modes 256x192, 256x224, 256x240 (PAL only), 16 sprites (8x8 pixels)
Colors 64 palette, 32 on screen (16 sprite, 16 background)
Sound Texas Instruments SN76489 DCSG, 4 channel mono (3 tone channels, 1 white noise channel)
Sega Master System II


In 1990 Sega regained the U.S. rights to the Master System which they had sold early in the console's life to toy manufacturer Tonka. In an attempt to improve sales a smaller version of the Master System was launched. To cut production costs Sega removed the card slot which meant users could not play Sega Card games or use the 3D glasses. Also removed was the A/V output and the reset button, along with the Expansion port.

Despite the Master System II now being marketed by Sega, it was too late for the machine in America and the public simply weren't interested. As a result of poor sales, Sega decided to withdraw the Master System II from the American market in 1992. Support for the console continued in Europe until 1996, where it was eventually dropped to allow Sega to concentrate on the Mega Drive's successor, the Saturn.

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