Nintendo NES clone

Console facts

CompanyUnknown clone
Type Video games
CPU Custom 6502
Speed 1.79 MHz
Media cartridge
Controllers 8-way thumbpad, 4 buttons (Start, Select. A, B)
Graphic modes 256 x 240, 64 sprites on screen (8 per scanline) sprite size: 8x8 or 8x16 pixels
Colors 52 available, 16 on screen, 4 colours per sprite
Sound 4 Channel Mono - 2 Square Waves, 1 Triangle Wave, 1 White Noise

In my collection

Nintendo NES clone

Looks like a Super Nintendo. Builtin games where many are variants of same games.
Bought from a flea market in Gullbrandstorp outside Halmstad in Sweden. Spiced up a very rainy summer!

Nintendo NES clone

Donation from Moment and Snout.

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