GamePark GP32

Console facts

Type Handhelds
Year 2001
CPU Samsung S3C2400X01 (ARM920T core)
Speed 20-133 MHz (software adjustable)
ROM 512 KB ROM on internal flash. SmartMedia cards for games.
Media cartridge
Controllers Joypad on left side and two game buttons on right side. Two rear buttons on top of console.
Graphic modes 320×240 on 3.5" TFT screen
Colors 16 bit colour
Sound 44.1 kHz 16-bit stereo, 16-part polyphonic software MIDI in SDK
GamePark GP32

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GamePark GP32

Bought from LikSang.


The console is based on a 133 MHz ARM CPU, which can be overclocked to 166 MHz through software. This is backed by eight megabytes of RAM (upgradeable to 32/64 MB). Unlike similar gaming systems, which are proprietary cartridge-based, the GP32 uses rewritable SmartMedia cards, making it very appealing for amateur game developers. The console also has a USB port for connection with a PC, and a serial expansion port.

There are three main commercial versions of the unit: the original GP32, with no light, the front-lit unit (FLU), modified for Game Park by Hahotech, and the back-lit unit (BLU), released in Europe in mid-summer 2004. At the end of 2004, Game Park also released so-called BLU+ versions, which have a different screen than the normal BLU units. All commercially released units are white with grey or white buttons. There are also a number of differently colored promotional units, and several prototype units with wildly different designs.

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