Sinclair Spectrum 128K

Computer facts

Type home
Year 1985
End year 1986
Language Sinclair Basic (128K and 48K)
CPU Zilog Z80 A
Speed 3.5469MHz
ROM 32KB (16KB BASIC for each model 48K and 128K)
Text modes 32x24
Graphic modes 256x192
Colors 8 (*2 tones)
Sound Yamaha AY-3-8912: 3 channels, 7 octaves
IO Expansion bus, numeric keypad, RS232 (and MIDI), RGB, tape
Sinclair Spectrum 128K

In my collection

Sinclair Spectrum 128K

Very fine condition.
From a large batch of Sinclair stuff, bought from the Facebook group "Retrodatorer köpes/säljes/bytes".

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In 1985, Sinclair developed the ZX Spectrum 128 (code-named Derby) in conjunction with their Spanish distributor Investrónica (a subsidiary of El Corte Inglés department store group). Investrónica had helped adapt the ZX Spectrum+ to the Spanish market after the Spanish government introduced a special tax on all computers with 64 KB RAM or less, and a law which obliged all computers sold in Spain to support the Spanish alphabet and show messages in Spanish.

The appearance of the ZX Spectrum 128 was similar to the ZX Spectrum+, with the exception of a large external heatsink for the internal 7805 voltage regulator added to the right hand end of the case, replacing the internal heatsink in previous versions. This external heatsink led to the system's nickname, "The Toast Rack".

New features included 128 KB RAM with RAM disc commands 'save !"name"', three-channel audio via the AY-3-8912 chip, MIDI compatibility, an RS-232 serial port, an RGB monitor port, 32 KB of ROM including an improved BASIC editor, and an external keypad.

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