Computer facts

Type home
Year 1984
End year 1986
Language Microsoft Basic 1.0
CPU Motorola 6809E
Speed 1 MHz
ROM 16 KB (4 KB for the monitor + 12 KB for the BASIC interpreter)
Text modes 40x25
Graphic modes 320x200
Colors 16
Sound One channel, 5 octaves (7 octaves, 3 channels with the joystick extension)
IO Light pen connector, Tape interface, SCART video output, Cartridge slot, Expansion bus
Thomson MO5

In my collection

Thomson MO5

Good condition, boxed, with disk drives, disk contollers and joystick interface.
Bought from Mikael Holm during Retro Gathering in Västerås.


The Thomson MO5 is a home computer introduced in France in 1984 to compete against systems such as the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64. At the same time, Thomson also released the up-market Thomson TO7/70 machine. The MO5 was not sold in vast quantities outside France and was largely discontinued in favour of the improved Thomson MO6 in 1986. MO5s were also used as educational tools in French schools for a period.

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