Enterprise 64

Computer facts

CompanyEnterprise Computers
Type home
Year 1985
End year 1986
Language IS-Basic (on 16 KB cartridge)
CPU Zilog Z80A
Speed 4 MHz
Text modes 40- and 80-column
Graphic modes 640x512 (2 colors), 640x256 (2 colors), 320x256 (16 colors), 80x256 (256 colors)
Colors 2, 4, 16 or 256 colors
Sound ASIC called Dave (3 channels)
IO RGB output, RS232/RS423 serial port, printer port, 2 joystick ports, 2 cassette interfaces, ROM cartridge slot, expansion port
OS EXOS (Enterprise Expandable Operating System)

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Enterprise 64

Extremely good condition, boxed, complete with manuals, manual correction papers, cables and mint condition styrofoam.
Bough from Tradera auction, from Videopack, October 2020.


The Enterprise is a Zilog Z80-based home computer announced in 1983, but through a series of delays, not commercially available until 1985. The specification as released was powerful and one of the higher end in its class (though not by the margin envisaged in 1983). This was due to the use of ASICs for graphics and sound which took workload away from the CPU, an extensive implementation of ANSII BASIC and a bank switching system to allow for larger amounts of RAM than the Z80 natively supported. It also featured a distinctive and colourful case design, and promise of multiple expansion options. Ultimately it was not commercially successful, after multiple renames, delays and a changing market place. Its manufacturer calling in the receivers in 1986 with significant debt. It was developed by British company Intelligent Software and marketed by Enterprise Computers. Its two variants are the Enterprise 64, with 64 kilobytes (KB, 65,536 bytes) of Random Access Memory (RAM), and the Enterprise 128, with 128 KB (131,072 bytes) of RAM.

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