Sharp MZ-800

Computer facts

Type home
Year 1984
Language None built-in, all loaded from tape or disk
CPU Zilog Z-80A
Speed 3.5 MHz
RAM 64 KB program RAM, 16 KB V-RAM (expandable to 32 KB)
Text modes 40×25 and 80×25
Graphic modes 320×200, 640×200
Colors 4 in 320×200 (16 with extended V-RAM), 2 in 640×200 (4 with extended V-RAM)
Sound 3 channels

In my collection

Sharp MZ-800

With built-in cassette player and printer I/O card.
Bought from small auction on Facebook, in the retro collectors group.

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The Sharp MZ-800 is an upgrade to the Sharp MZ-700. The upgrade mainly consists of a better graphics mode, better sound, a reset button and more I/O ports.

There was no language in ROM (the ROM size is only 2 KB, it is just used for boot and OS calls), it has to be loaded from tape. So there was a lot of languages adapted for this machine (more than five versions of BASIC, assemblers, Pascal, Lisp, C, Fortran, Comal, Forth, & others).

Sharp MZ-800 images