Computer facts

CompanyBe Incorporated
Type home
Year 1995
End year 1996
CPU 2*PowerPC 603
Speed 66MHz
RAM Max 256 MB
Graphic modes 640x480 to 1600x1200 (depending on PCI card)
Colors 8 to 32 bit depth (depending on PCI card)
Sound 16 bit stereo
IO Dual MIDI channels, joystick support, IR controller, serial ports, GeekPort, SCSI connector, Parallel port, standard PC keyboard connector, standard serial and PS/2 mouse connectors

In my collection


2*66MHz, grey front, currently no network card.
Bought in auction from Nicklas Larsson, for 400SEK.


The BeBox was a short-lived dual processor PC, offered by Be Inc. to run their own operating system, BeOS.

The BeBox made its debut in October 1995 (BeBox Dual603-66). The processors were upgraded to 133 MHz in August 1996 (BeBox Dual603e-133). Production was halted at the end of 1996, following the port of BeOS to the Macintosh, in order for the company to concentrate on software. Be sold around 1000 66 MHz BeBoxes and 800 133 MHz BeBoxes.

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