Seiko MC-2200 Pocket Computer

Computer facts

Type home
Year 1984
Language BASIC
CPU Sharp SC61860 CMOS 8-bit
Speed 576 KHz
RAM 2.2KB (1486 bytes available for BASIC programs)
Text modes 1 line x 16 characters (5x7 dot matrix LCD)
Graphic modes None
Colors Monochrome
Sound CPU controlled piezo buzzer, controllable from BASIC
IO Proprietary 11-pin expansion bus
Seiko MC-2200 Pocket Computer

In my collection

Seiko MC-2200 Pocket Computer

Complete with tape and printer interface, lots of tapes with software, protection case, power supply and two books with programs written by hand.
Bought from Tradera auction for 300 SEK, 2009-11-10.


The Seiko MC-2200 is a clone of the Sharp PC-1245, manufactured by Sharp. Instead of grey and brown case colors the Seiko is black. The only other difference is that the 16 character display has been moved slightly to the right. Internally the two are identical.

The tape-printer interface is also the same as the Sharp CE-125 but with black and grey colors

This machine failed on market and is relatively rare.

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