Sun Ultra 10

Computer facts

Type prof
Speed 440 MHz
RAM 512 MB
OS Solaris 10 and Debian Linux
Sun Ultra 10

In my collection

Sun Ultra 10

With Creator 3D graphics and Sun PCi.
Donation from Andreas Johansson.

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The Ultra 10 is a 64-bit Sun Microsystems computer workstation based around the UltraSPARC microprocessor line. This system is notable for being the first in the Sun workstation line to introduce various commodity PC compatible hardware components such as ATA hard disks and an ATI Rage PRO video chip. The Ultra 10 came in a mid-tower case with a 300, 333, 360, or 440-MHz UltraSPARC CPU. It doubled the supported RAM to a maximum of 1024 MB and added room for a second ATA hard disk, a fourth PCI card, and for an UPA graphics card such as the Creator, Creator3D or Elite3D.

Sun Ultra 10 images