Sharp MZ-700

Computer facts

Type home
Year 1982
Language None - Monitor in ROM
CPU Sharp LH-0080 (Zilog Z80 A compatible)
Speed 4 MHz
Text modes 40 x 25
Graphic modes 50 x 80
Colors 8
Sound one channel, 3 octaves
IO Parallel, Joystick (2), Z80 Bus, Tape, RGB
OS optional CP/M with FDD
Sharp MZ-700

In my collection

Sharp MZ-700

Model MZ-721: Built in tape recorder.
Bought from Tradera auction 2007-09-25.

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The Sharp MZ 700 series replaced the aging MZ 80 (MZ 80K, MZ 80A and MZ 80B) series. Moreover, the MZ 700 was compatible with the MZ 80K and MZ 80A.

There was no language in ROM (the ROM size is only 2 KB, it is just used for boot and OS calls), it has to be loaded from tape. So there was a lot of languages adapted for this machine (more than five versions of BASIC, assemblers, Pascal, Lisp, C, Fortran, Comal, Forth, & others).

The games were a bit poor because of the low resolution (which was actually graphical characters), but there were 512 graphic characters in ROM, which can be used to offset it (sort of).

Sharp MZ-700 images