Amstrad PCW 8512

Computer facts

Type home
Year 1985
Language Mallard Basic
CPU Zilog Z80 A
Speed 3,4 MHz
RAM 256 KB (16 banks of 16 KB each)
Sound Beeper
Amstrad PCW 8512

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Amstrad PCW 8512

Complete with big box. Media seems bad.
Donation from Rikard Bosnjakovic.


The Amstrad PCW series (Personal Computer Word processor) was British company Amstrad's versatile line of home/personal microcomputers pitched as a complete, integrated home/office solution. It was first sold in 1985.

Some models were also affectionately known as Joyce, especially in Germany; the name is that of a secretary of Alan Sugar, the founder of Amstrad, and was the codename of the machine while it was in development. When it came to suggesting a retail name for the product, many names were suggested, including the Zircon, on the grounds that zircon was "a Diamond substitute", the Data Recall Diamond being a word processing typewriter system of the time. This name was rejected. Sugar preferred the more prosaic "Word Processing Computer", but Perry pointed out that people would joke about Women Police Constables. Sugar simply rearranged the letters to "PCW".

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