Spectravideo SV-328

Computer facts

Type home
Year 1983
Language Microsoft Basic
CPU Zilog Z80 A
Speed 3.6 MHz
RAM 64 KB (up to 256 KB)
Text modes 40×24 and 32×24
Graphic modes 256×192
Colors 16
Sound 3 channels, 8 octaves
Spectravideo SV-328


The SV-328 was the business-targeted model of the Spectravideo range, sporting a rather crowded full-travel keyboard with numeric keypad, and no built-in joystick (though the arrow keys mimicked this function). It had 80 kB RAM (64 kB available for software, remaining 16 kB video memory), a respectable amount for its time. Other than the keyboard and RAM, this machine was identical to the SV-318.

The SV-328 is the design on which the MSX standard was based. Spectravideo's MSX-compliant successor to the 328, the SVI-728, looks almost identical, the only immediately noticeable differences being a larger cartridge slot (to fit MSX standard cartridges) and the MSX badging.

Spectravideo SV-328 images