Microbee Model II

Computer facts

Type home
Year 1982
Language Microworld Level II extended Basic
CPU Zilog 80 A
Speed 2 Mhz
RAM 16-32 KB
Text modes 64*16
Graphic modes 128x48, 512x256
Colors Monochrome
Sound Beeper
Microbee Model II

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Microbee Model II

Sticker says "Series 3, 128K DYNAMIC"
Donation from Morgan Eklöf.


MicroBee (Micro Bee) was a series of home computers by Applied Technology, later known as MicroBee Systems.

The original MicroBee computer was designed in Australia by a team including Owen Hill and Matthew Starr. It was based on features available on the DG-Z80 and DG-640 S-100 cards developed by David Griffiths, TCT-PCG S-100 card developed by TCT Micro Design and MW6545 S-100 card developed by Dr John Wilmshurst. It was originally packaged as a two board unit, with the lower "main board" containing the keyboard, Zilog Z80 microprocessor, Synertek 6545 CRT controller, 2K of "screen" RAM, 2K of character ROM (128 characters) and 2K of PCG (Programmable Character Graphics) RAM (128 characters). Each byte in the screen RAM addressed a character in either the character ROM or PCG RAM. A second board, termed the "core board", contained the memory, and on later models also included a floppy disk controller.

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