Computer facts

Type home
Year 1982
Language Basic
CPU Zilog Z80A
Speed 3.25 MHz
RAM 2 KB (up to 15 KB)
Text modes 32 x 24 (22 usable)
Graphic modes 64 x 44 (quarter character)
Colors 2
Sound 1 channel, built in speaker
Lambda 8300

In my collection

Lambda 8300

Bought from Myrorna fleamarket in Linköping.

Lambda 8300

Boxed with power supply

Lambda 8300


Lambda 8300 was a Sinclair ZX81 clone from Lambda Electronics Limited. It wasn't a straight clone as the original ROM is a new one but it could be fitted with a ZX81 ROM and become compatible. Comes with 2K RAM (expandable to 16 or 32 K), sound and joystick port. Runs with a Z80A at 3.25 MHz. Identical with PC 8300 and Power 3000.

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