Apple PowerBook 100

Computer facts

CompanyApple Computer Inc.
Type home
Year 1991
End year 1992
CPU Motorola MC68000
Speed 16 MHz
RAM 4 MB standard (8 MB max)
ROM 256 KB
Graphic modes 640x400
Colors Monochrome
Sound Mono, 8 bit
IO 1 ADB, 1 serial, HDI30 SCSI connector
Apple PowerBook 100


The PowerBook 100 was a portable Apple computer. It was first released in 1991. It was perhaps the oddest PowerBook, being primarily based on Apple's previous 'laptop', the Macintosh Portable.It was designed by Sony by miniaturizing the part to fit. It lacked an internal floppy drive, and used an almost identical version of the Portable's MC68000 CPU. It ran at the same speed as Portable. It was well received. Codenames for this model are: Asashi, Derringer, and Rosebud.

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