Apple Macintosh IIcx

Computer facts

CompanyApple Computer Inc.
Type home
Year 1989
End year 1991
CPU Motorola MC68030
Speed 16 MHz
RAM 128 MB max
ROM 256 KB
Sound stereo, 8 bit
Apple Macintosh IIcx


Half a year following the release of the Macintosh IIx passed before Apple introduced the Macintosh IIcx in 1989. Despite resembling the IIx to a great extent, the IIcx was quieter (due to its quieter fan on a smaller power supply) than its predecessor. The design was also much more compact because it had only three NuBus slots. The new case, Apple's only to be designed to operate in horizontal or vertical orientation, remained in use for its successors the IIci and Quadra 700.

Users liked the Mac IIcx in part because its components and parts (such as RAM, NuBus slots, and power supply) snapped into place case without the need for screws. This made it less expensive to build, easier to repair, and earned it heavy praise and a warm reception amongst the Mac community.

This model was superseded by the Macintosh IIci.

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