Apple Macintosh Performa 6200

Computer facts

CompanyApple Computer Inc.
Type home
Year 1995
End year 1997
CPU PowerPC 603
Speed 75/100/120 MHz
RAM 64 MB max
Sound stereo, 16 bit
Apple Macintosh Performa 6200


The Power Macintosh 6200 (Codename: "Crusader" / "Elixir", also sold under variations of the name Performa 6200, Performa 6300 and Power Macintosh 6300) is a series of mid-range personal computers that are a part of Apple Computer's Power Macintosh and Macintosh Performa series of Macintosh computers. It was introduced in May 1995 with a PowerPC 603 CPU at 75 MHz as a PowerPC-based replacement of the Quadra 630, and continued using the 630's case. In June 1996 new models using a PowerPC 603e CPU at 100 MHz followed, and in April 1996 the series culminated in models using a 603e at 120 MHz. In early 1997, the rather different Power Macintosh 6300/160 / Performa 6360 based on the Power Macintosh 6400 were introduced. In July 1997 the whole 6x00 line was discontinued in favor of the desktop model of the Power Macintosh G3.

The 6200's naming conventions confused many; in addition to the many Performa variants, it also includes model numbers above 6300 (which would normally indicate a different model). The model numbers above 6260 use a PowerPC 603e processor, but are otherwise virtually identical. Finally, some computers with model numbers that indicate they belong to the 6200/6300 family (the above-mentioned Power Macintosh 6300/160 and its Performa version 6360) are rather different on the inside.

Generally, the 6200 series is closely related to the 5200 series. For nearly every 6xxx (desktop) model, there is a 5xxx (all-in-one) model with an integrated CRT screen.

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